The simple change from typing to drawing takes the password from no-security to a smart technology that is one of the strongest in the world. It’s a revolutionary approach to passwords guaranteed to be indigestible to hackers.

  • Gate Access to content with pinpoint control. Revoke and replace makes it easy.

  • Continuous, Ongoing Security with repetitive validations and the ability to deploy BioSig-ID in any layer.

  • Anti-fraud Tools identify atypical behavior patterns. Real time alerts give you time to be proactive. Forensic dashboard for deep insight.

  • Biometric Authentication in a multi-factor all-in-one.

  • Identity Proofing verifies government issued photo ID data and confirms identity with real time selfie before BioSig-ID enrollment.

  • Transaction Security authenticates users prior to high value transactions like wire transfers, online purchases, or bill pay.

Identity Use Cases

identity use case showing students

Enterprise Systems

  • Guard third party access
  • Secure employee access across devices
  • Customer facing onboarding and account management
  • Access audit trails and forensics

Higher Education

  • Courses, quizzes, tests and high value exams
  • Financial aid fraud detection
  • Academic integrity cheating protection
  • Identity regulation compliance – pass yearly audits


  • Patient and hospital portals
  • EMR/EHR systems, HIPAA compliance
  • Telemedicine authentications


  • Verify and authorize before high value transactions
  • Account change verifications
  • New accounts and onboarding

Ecommerce/Card Not Present Purchases

  • Verify/authorize purchases, reducing fraud and chargebacks
  • Authenticate credit cards and account changes
  • Onboarding


  • Services and registrations portals
  • Taxes, assessments and other payments
  • Licenses and certifications
  • Document requests


  • Verifications of sensitive system access
  • Vehicle driver identity
  • Authenticated time clock logging
  • Protect access to intellectual property

Professional Associations

  • High value exams and credentialing
  • Compliance and certifications