Biometric Device Lockdown

BioTect-ID is an affordable biometric solution to one of the most difficult tasks companies and institutions face today: management of personal devices in the workplace (BYOD).

BioTect-ID™ securely locks down any Windows desktop, tablet or mobile that runs HTML 5 using the BioSig-ID biometric password. Only the legitimate user can enter this password which stops sharing and stolen passwords.

Now secure all the access points that frequently lead to breaches: third party vendors, users and admins. BioTect-ID is configurable, allowing pinpoint access level control and works online and offline. And the password resets just like any other.

BioTect-ID is the ideal solution for any environment with heavy user demands. If you need to secure online assets, you must lock down personal devices and office computers. Now you can have biometric strength authentication without the cumbersome and expensive implementation.

How it Works

Devices are locked securely with BioSig-ID, the biometric finger or mouse drawn password. Just four characters are enough to authenticate the real user. Input can be finger, mouse or a stylus so it translates to any device.

  • Stops imposters with 99.97% accuracy (independently tested)
  • Admits the correct user with 99.78% accuracy
  • User experience rated in surveys at 98% positive

BioTect-ID is a replaceable biometric. Administrators can revoke and replace just like any other password. Except with a gesture biometric there is no threat of loss of personal identifying information that is irreplaceable like an iris, face or fingerprint. When user privacy is important, there is a privacy conscious biometric option.

BioTect-ID is called “entertaining” by 48% of its users. When is the last time you heard that about your network security? Find out more by setting up a demo.