Imagine doing business online with user authentication before every purchase or as stepped up verification. If your onboarding ensured higher confidence in buyer identities. If you were able to trust card not present payments. If the shipping address was authentic. If you could radically reduce fraud and chargebacks. If your reviews were only posted by real customers with verified purchases.

Now there is BioSafe-ID™. It ensures better online transaction safety in ecommerce and for all online payments by authenticating users with a non-invasive biometric password. It protects every transaction by verifying user identity at onboarding and throughout the customer journey. Biosafe-ID can be used anywhere in workflow where sellers want extra assurance.

  • Authorize purchases
  • Fraud behavior notifications, forensics and reporting suite
  • Prevent chargebacks
  • Verification of credit card information
  • Authenticate shipping and billing information
  • Filter time consuming spam customer requests
  • Authenticate reviews with verification of purchase
  • Prevent account takeovers

This not only raises the assurance level for retailers that the buyer is who they say they are, but enhances confidence that the buyer’s information is correct. For buyers BioSafe-ID™ ensures the online presence is authentic and dedicated to smooth and trustworthy transactions. Use BioSafe-ID anywhere financial transactions need authentication from banking to investment accounts to bill pay.

Biosafe-ID is powered by BioSig-ID, the four character biometric password that only the rightful owner can enter. It includes anti-fraud tools, forensics and alerts triggered by atypical behaviors.


Online purchasing is here to stay. However, if consumers were more confident about security when making purchases online they would likely buy even more. In a recent survey, 86% of consumers say they are not likely to do business with a company who had a data breach of credit card data. How secure is your customer data? Even giant online store platforms are vulnerable to hacks. And by the way, how much are you paying out in charge-backs every month?

With BioSafe-ID, you can virtually end all payment disputes and never pay charge-backs again. Simply install at the log in level or prior to checkout and the customer is identified conclusively with biometric assurance. Drawing their password takes your customers just a few seconds and offers you all the confidence in the world.

Step 1: Choose An Item

Step 2: Identification – Login With Username And Password

Step 3: Enter Payment Information

Step 4: Authentication – Verify Yourself With BioSig-ID™

Step 5: Authorization – Sign Your Name

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BioSafe-ID™ Can Be Integrated With Desktop And Mobile Platforms: