BioSig-ID testing was performed by Tolly Group, an independent evaluator. 93 test subjects without prior knowledge of the system were given a real password and made 15,000 monitored attempts to gain access to network resources.

“Engineers evaluated the accuracy and effectiveness of BioSig-ID in allowing legitimate users to log into their accounts while simultaneously detecting and blocking account access attempted by imposters who possessed another user’s valid user ID and password.”

Tolly report

Tolly Test Results
BioSig-ID Accuracy and Effectiveness
  • 99.97% accuracy at stopping imposters

  • 99.78% accuracy at granting access to the legitimate user

  • 300% beyond NIST biometric accuracy standards

  • 0% of testers could successfully spoof the password

  • 00.22% false positive (failed to identify legitimate user)

  • 1.6 minute average enrollment time

  • 17 sec average authentication time

BioSig-ID Test User Survey
  • 100% of test subjects were able to enroll with BioSig-ID

  • 100% reported they had a positive experience with BioSig-ID

  • 98% found it extremely easy to enroll

  • 98% found it easy to use

  • 96% believed it was impossible to break into another’s password

  • 71% believed it provided higher security than ordinary passwords

  • 42% found the process entertaining

BioSig-ID against a portable fingerprint reader biometric
  • 44% of subjects rated BioSig-ID more convenient to use than the fingerprint reader

  • 35% said they had failure to validate with the fingerprint reader

  • 5% stated they were unable to enroll using the fingerprint reader