BioProof-ID is an entirely new solution to authenticating identity online. It verifies an individual’s real world identity at the same time they enroll in BioSig-ID and create a password. This links the biometric to a real person. It provides very high assurance the user is who they say they are.

The process takes only a couple of minutes and allows no break in authentication through the creation of the biometric.

  • Users start the process by clicking a QR code sent to phone or email
  • The link opens an authentication layer that sits in front of BioSig-ID password creation
  • User photographs both sides of government-issue photo ID using mobile
  • User snaps a real time selfie and uploads the images
  • Document data is checked for validity
  • Selfie is compared to the picture on the ID
  • Both forms of ID must match before user can proceed directly to password creation

When your network demands the highest level of verification, you need BioProof-ID™.

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bioproof-id includes a real time selfie

BioProof-ID is entirely cloud based, requires no hardware, and is intended for any organization which requires a higher level of identity assurance before allowing users to access services, such as healthcare providers, educational institutions, and financial and banking entities. Most exciting of all, BioProof-ID has the potential to replace many face to face encounters, saving money and resources.

Use BioProof-IDE to:

  • Authenticate users to a high degree of certainty
  • Protect sensitive digital records and accounts
  • Ensure secure logon to access services
  • Provide end-to-end assurance of identity throughout the user life cycle

BioProof-IDE™ is powered by BioSig-ID™ technology which uses dynamic gesture biometrics to enable the creation of a unique biometric password, drawn by the user using just a finger or mouse. Biometrics such as the length, speed, direction, angle and height of each stroke are collected by the software to create the user’s unique biometric profile. This password is virtually impossible to replicate by imposters, even if they know the password.