BioSig-ID™ Smart Password

100% of typed passwords are hackable no matter their length, exposing systems and data to criminals.

BioSig-ID™ blends amazing biometric technology with the password format users are comfortable with. The simple change from typing to drawing your password is guaranteed to be indigestible to hackers.

Your unique writing patterns eliminates impostor login and sharing of passwords to prevent fraud and cheating.

Accuracy that exceeds NIST biometric standards by 300%, 98% positive user experience.

You can’t grow new fingerprints or new face if they are hacked, whereas BioSig-ID can be replaced with a simple re-enrollment preserving your privacy.

Biometric password is MFA all in one and does not require a smartphone, other hardware or any software downloads as part of security. Works on all devices.

Award winning AI/forensics that identify and stop imposter access at log in and during the session.

Authenticates the person, not the device.

See our family of product solutions that will meet your on-going and future needs. Look no further, we have what you are looking for.

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Biometric Multi-factor Authentication 

  • No hardware or software downloads
  • Authenticates by capturing unique movements (gestures) as users draw a password with finger or mouse
  • Stops fraud by preventing stolen or shared passwords – can’t be duplicated or engineered
  • Even if an imposter learns the password they can’t duplicate how it’s drawn

Use Cases


  • Biometric identity
  • Multi-factor
  • Can’t be stolen or shared


  • Detects atypical behaviors
  • Forensics and reports
  • Real time alerts

ID Proofing

  • Confirm real world identity
  • Verify government photo ID
  • Tie legal identity to biometric


  • High value transactions
  • Payments and purchases
  • Signature verification
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Meet Any Identity Challenge

Gate any content or asset with the BioSig-ID password, a gesture biometric that identifies people by four characters they draw with a finger or mouse. This ground breaking technology powers all BSI products. Provides multi-factor authentication with biometric stopping power.

Establishes whether the student is there throughout the session or whether suspicious activities are taking place (E.g. additional persons present on-screen), by capturing privacy-conscious images through the user’s webcam.

BioSig-ID enrollment with identity authentication that ties the biometric password to an individual’s real world identity in a single, seamless process.

Securely locks down any Windows desktop, table or mobile using the BioSig-ID biometric password. Works online or offline and provides the answer to enterprise device and mobile management.

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Use your mouse or finger to draw on the pad to get the feel for the BioSig-ID password. Or try to crack a real BioSig-ID password

“I was very impressed with the staff at BSI. It was refreshing to find a company that believed in their product so whole heartedly, and wanted you to believe as well…I can honestly say they offered me one of the most solid customer support experiences.” 

Michael Spellman, Mohegan Tribe

“Working with BioSig-ID exceeded my expectations. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had with an IT solution provider in my professional career. They’ve provided us with excellent support and services and were engaged all the time when we had questions or issues.”

Bogdan Skof, DOBA

“It’s a significant leap forward not only in security, but in the ease of use and customer acceptance… an especially exciting breakthrough for community banks and credit unions.” 

Tuck Ackerman, Pinnacle Financial Strategies

“BioSig-ID does not require students to purchase hardware or software which was important to our students. An additional benefit is the extensive reporting tool to uncover suspicious behaviors that can identify possible academic dishonesty.”

Dr. Dana L. Watson, Central Texas College

“Biometric Signature ID worked very closely with us to customize the software for our learning management system, and the robust reporting tools allow us to track usage, validations, and even any invalidations that might occur.”

Dr. Charles Nwankwo, SOWELA Technical Community College

“We had good and positive results…students had no problems utilizing BioSig-ID to complete their assignments. I applaud your company’s personal service – some of the best customer service I have experienced.”

Tony Cleaver, Baptist Missionary Association Theological Seminary

“Significantly secured and strengthened our online learning environment which has benefited our students, faculty and entire college district. The solution and support provided by BSI has exceeded our expectations and we have only scratched the surface as to how we can utilize this technology.”

Dr. Tom Cleary, Alamo Colleges